Unlock Your NFT Potential with Lynk’s New Staking Portal!

• Lynk has launched its NFT staking portal, which allows users to level up their Finder and Keeper NFTs to maximize their daily rewards.
• NFT staking involves temporarily locking NFTs on a specific platform or protocol to gain rewards and other benefits.
• Binance has already begun experimenting with NFT staking, offering an Ape NFT Staking Program for users of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Unleashing the Full Potential of NFT Staking with Lynk

What is NFT Staking?

NFT staking involves temporarily locking non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on a specific platform or protocol in order to earn rewards and other benefits. This process operates similarly to the staking of cryptocurrencies, where participants can participate in the process using only a digital wallet. By staking their NFTs, users are able to generate passive income from their idle assets. The user remains in possession of the asset and they have complete freedom to remove it from staking at any time.

Binance’s Experimentation with NFT Stakes

Binance, one of the world’s biggest centralized exchanges, launched an Ape NFT Staking Program for users who own BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) tokens, enabling them to receive daily rewards. Other concepts such as fractionalized ownership of blue-chip collections and lending services have also arisen since the introduction of this type of asset utilization mechanism.

Lynk’s Launch Of Their Own Portal

SocialFi platform Lynk is hoping to replicate similar success with its own launch – starting from 13th March 2023, 05:00 UTC – members will be able to stake their Finder and Keeper Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in order to earn attractive yields daily; plus additional opportunities that come when they participate in community activities or challenges unlocked through these tokens. When it comes time for users to collect their rewards after having successfully completed a challenge or activity, they will be given an additional bonus depending on how powerful each attribute is within each token – Charisma (CA), Vitality (VA), Dexterity (DX), Intellect (IN).

Attractive Returns From Lynk’s APY

Users are able to benefit from 256-438% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). There are no additional fees associated with this service apart from nominal gas fees due when transferring funds between wallets.


Through this system put into place by Lynk, holders of Finder and Keeper Non-Fungible Tokens now have access to another source of revenue generation without having to sell off any part of their collection.

SEC to End Staking? Coinbase Warns of Devastating Impact on Crypto

•Brian Armstrong, head of Coinbase warns that the SEC could crack down on the crypto staking process.
•Staking involves users locking up their tokens for a set period to earn interest and requires 32 ether tokens to participate.
•Coinbase is a validator and permits retail investors to stake with no minimum amount.

SEC Looking to End Crypto Staking

Ethereum Coinbase Exec Brian Armstrong has warned that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is likely to crack down on a process called staking, which could wind up hurting tokens such as ETH. Staking refers to a process in which users lend out their tokens and lock them up for set periods in order to earn interest on their assets. To participate, individuals must lock up at least 32 ether tokens, currently worth about $52,000 USD. Coinbase allows retailers to engage in staking without any minimum amount requirement.

Armstrong’s Warning

Armstrong issued a warning via social media that if the SEC decides against allowing staking for retail investors then this could have profoundly negative outcomes for the crypto space. He stated: “We’re hearing rumors that the SEC would like to get rid of crypto staking in the US for retail customers. I hope that’s not the case as I believe it would be a terrible path for the US if that was allowed to happen…Staking is a really important innovation in crypto.“

Reasons Why Staking Is Important

Staking brings many positive improvements to the space including scalability, increased security, and reduced carbon footprints according to Armstrong. He believes these benefits should not be taken away from people who are already taking part in this form of investment through cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase.

Potential Impact On Coinbase

Coinbase would likely experience significant losses should staking be banned due its current services allowing retailers access without any minimum amount requirement thus opening up more opportunities than usual for people across all financial backgrounds .


The fate of cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase hangs in balance as Gary Gensler from SEC continues his crusade against digital currencies but Brian Armstrong has issued warnings about potential outcomes should they go ahead with such plans involving ending staking processes altogether as he believes it will have profound negative effects on the industry itself..

Bitcoin Stable Despite Market Volatility: Crypto Investors Stay Bullish

• Crypto experienced a small dip in early February after weeks of rising prices.
• Analysts and crypto players were quick to point out the low volatility currently present in the crypto market compared to other assets like stocks.
• 2022 was an especially difficult year for digital currency, with heavy speculation, bankruptcies, and bad behavior from players causing the space to lose over $2 trillion in valuation.

Crypto Experiences a Lack of Volatility

In early February, crypto experienced a small dip after weeks of its main assets (such as bitcoin) riding the bull wave and increasing their prices. On or around February 5, the crypto space fell by a little over two percent and wound up stuck at just over $1 trillion.

While at first glance it looked like the bears were once again beginning to enter the fray, there were several analysts and crypto players out there who felt the situation was better than it appeared, and that things could have been a lot worse. One of the issues they were quick to point out is that right now, volatility across the board for things like stocks is rather high. By contrast, crypto is experiencing only marginal volatility.

Analysts Point Out Low Volatility

Edward Moya – senior analyst at OANDA – explained in a recent interview: It is rather shocking to see how little crypto is moving considering all the volatility across fixed income, stocks, FX, and commodities. An impressive jobs report is driving rate hike calls and pouring cold water on those rate-cut bets for the end of the year. Bitcoin seems content hanging around the $23,000 level, and that should be viewed as good news for crypto traders.

Tech Dev – an analyst known for sharing his crypto thoughts on Twitter – mentioned: When liquidity flows bitcoin moves.

The Difficult Year of 2022

2022 was easily the worst year on record for assets like bitcoin. The asset – which had risen to a new all-time high of about $68,000 per unit in November of 2021– wound up losing more than 70 percent of its value and had fallen into mid-$16K range by 2022’s end.

. In all ,the digital currency arena lost more than $2 trillion in valuation in just under 12 months. It was a disastrous situation overall.

Staying Stable Despite Volatility Elsewhere

With yields likely to continue to rise ,bitcoin might struggle taking out [the]$25 ,000 level over short-term .However sentiment still remains strong enough among many analysts & investors alike too keep industry stable .Tech Dev also mentions when liquidity flows bitcoin moves .CN10Y/DXY broke above one -year moving average& monthly MACD has crossed bullish.



Despite turbulence throughout 2021 & 2020 Crypto appears calm & steady with minimal price movements amidst volatile other markets .Many experts suggest this period will pass & sooner or later we will experience next Bull Run soon within Cryptocurrency space as well.