Truffle, the biggest development tool for Ethereum


If you are interested in programming in the Ethereum network and want to have excellent tools at hand to carry out the development of your projects, then reading this article about Truffle will be very useful to know one of the biggest and best tools for the development of Smart contracts for Ethereum and other platforms like Corda.

What is Truffle?

Truffle is a set of programming tools oriented to smart contracts to develop sustainable and professional applications on the blockchain using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), as well as perform the various tests in an integrated development environment friendly to the developer.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the environment that allows developers to create intelligent contracts and applications that the blockchain can understand.

Truffle’s official website, puts at your disposal a series of powerful programming tools. All of them designed to get the most out of the Ethereum network and its EVM.

Beginning of the project

In 2015, Tim Coulter published a set of programming tools, a product of his experience working as a blockchain developer at Ethereum and ConsenSys, and named it Truffle.

The project started with the development of a set of some scripts with the aim of facilitating the process of developing applications in the blockchain, which evolved into one of the most popular tools for developing applications that run in the blockchain.

Truffle provides an environment where developers can build, test, deploy and automate the workflow for Ethereum blockchain-based DApps.

Truffle Target

Truffle’s main objective is to provide a development environment in the blockchain that facilitates the work of developers who are dedicated to the creation of applications (DApps) and intelligent contracts in Ethereum.

Truffle provides a testing framework and asset pipeline for Ethereum, which makes the process of developing applications for this network easier and more intuitive.

As it evolves, the Truffle team is adding new tools and features to this environment, so that developers have everything they need within the same workspace for creation, testing, simulation and other tasks to fine-tune applications before they are made available to end users.

Minimize the disadvantages that arise from the testing of intelligent contracts in Ethereum, which are usually developed using its own programming language Solidity.

Truffle allows developers to perform these tests on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), to solve these issues when testing and deploying on the Ethereum network, especially those larger projects with multiple contracts.

Truffle Features

Truffle’s working environment consists of three main components:

  1. Truffle: provides a development tool with the ability to test and implement projects. This tool has grown significantly in popularity, which is reflected in the increase in downloads from the respective repositories.
  2. Ganache: this is a local blockchain simulator that allows you to replicate blockchain networks or test contracts.
  3. Drizzle: it is a FrontEnd development library that can be connected to the data of an intelligent contract.

In general, this whole set of tools makes up the Truffle Suite, and with it you can perform operations such as:

  • Integrated support for compiling, implementing and linking intelligent contracts
  • Automated contract testing.
  • Supports console and web applications.
  • Network management and package management.
  • Truffle console to communicate directly with smart contracts
  • Supports tight integration
  • Configurable compilation pipeline with support for custom compilation processes
  • Programmable implementation and migration framework.
  • Interactive console for direct contractual communication.
  • Instantaneous asset reconstruction during development
  • External script execution that runs scripts within a Truffle environment

Therefore, with Truffle’s Suite you have a development environment based on the Ethereum blockchain, in which you can develop DApps, compile contracts, implement contracts, inject them into a web application, create front-ends for DApps and perform tests.

Truffle Tools

As already mentioned, the Truffle Suite incorporates other tools that facilitate the work of developers in the creation and tuning of their applications (DApps). Two components of this suite are:

  1. Ganache: Ganache is a personal Ethereum blockchain that is used to test intelligent contracts where you can implement contracts, develop applications, run tests and perform other tasks at no cost because it runs inside a local server.
  2. Drizzle: On the other hand, Drizzle is a collection of libraries in which are grouped a wide set of functions that are used to create a front-end in an easy and better way for Ethereum DApps.


Although MetaMask is not part of the Truffle Suite, it is a web browser plug-in that, used in combination with Truffle, will provide developers with more features when performing simulations of the DApps in development.

Overall, the Truffle Suite helps blockchain developers manage their entire workflow. Given the popularity of this tool in Ethereum’s web application development, it is not surprising that many applications that we use daily for managing our cryptosoft accounts have been written with these tools.

Truffle continues to be an essential tool for both new and experienced developers and undoubtedly the development team of these tools will continue to add innovative features that will make the work of developers much easier and more rewarding.